Accumulating experience in     、1 material engineering of zirconium porcelain for many years

With the country's top team of engineers, with years of zirconia porcelain materials engineering and ceramic processing experience, Hong Jun developed zirconia porcelain disposable scalpel "has become the only exclusive, has received the approval of the state registration of medical devices, but also permit the production and sale of license.

It belongs to the United States、2 (FDA) type of exempted products

In the US market, it has been registered in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a class of exempt products (Class1 510 (k) exempt device, without prior notice process), which is subject to the federal regulation CFR878.4800.

3、The moth hardness of the zirconium porcelain scalpel is as high as 8.2, comparable to the gem.

The traditional stainless steel knife: can reduce the probability of rust wound contamination, but also decreased the hardness of sharpness is restricted, and a Mohs hardness of zirconia porcelain materials up to 8.2, comparable to gem, compared with common steel's hardness is only about 5-6, with unmatched zirconia porcelain.

4、The wound is cut and tidy, and the destruction of the cell is minimization

The wound is very neat, the damage to the skin cells is minimized, and there is no heavy metal impurities in the atom, so that the patient is quickly restored to health.